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Personal Training – Richmond, VA

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FIT Richmond is the perfect fit for me! The weekly group classes provide a challenging, but fun, environment, and coupled with personal training, I am taking my fitness goals to another level. Julia's extensive knowledge and ability to understand individual needs sets her apart from other trainers I have worked with in the past. I have a significant personal goal that I am aiming to meet this year and I know Julia will help me get there! Mandy Burnette

Let FIT Richmond take you on a journey to a new healthy, happy, active, you! We will customize a plan to help you permanently reach your health and fitness goals. We do not believe there are any magic pills or quick fixes. But if you are willing to put in the effort we will give you the knowledge, tools, and motivation to make it happen.

We take a holistic outlook on personal training.  Therefore, when you purchase a personal training package, the workout, nutrition, planning, accountability, and motivation are all included.

If you have had a trainer before that gave you a 1 hour workout and then you never heard from them the rest of the week, we apologize. That is not what personal training is all about. We are here for you! We will help build exercise into your world, help you find activities that you enjoy. We will help you learn how to eat healthy every day without “dieting.” We will help you balance your family, health, and work life.

In-Home Training

Time is a precious commodity. Eliminate the hassle of traveling to the gym and lugging around a gym bag. Let us send our trainers to you. Our highly experienced and professional trainers will come to your home or office (or even meet in a local park.) We will bring the tools and provide you with a great workout. Now there’s one less excuse not to exercise.

Personal Training at FIT Richmond

One of our highly experienced and professional trainers will work with you personally to create a workout, nutrition, and lifestyle plan specifically tailored to your individual needs. No more missed workouts, intimidating situations, or waiting for equipment. Exercising in our private facility dedicated to one-on-one and small group fitness classes makes the experience truly unique. With a personal trainer you will receive on-going instruction and motivation during your session. Personal training is more than repeating the same exercises over and over. If you do the same exercises every time you workout, you’ll keep the same body. With FIT Richmond’s personal training you will never repeat the same workout twice. Our trainers have the knowledge and skill to modify your workouts and take your fitness to whole new levels.

Contact us for a FREE consult today, and get started toward a new healthy lifestyle tomorrow. We book up fast, so please contact us prior to purchasing any Personal training/Health coaching to be sure we can accommodate scheduling. Thank you.

We look forward to working with you!

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